"The Caviar of the East”

As part of the Chinese culture & tradition, birds’ nests are a rich source of electrolytes and nutrition (calcium, iron, potassium and collagen) which help strengthen the body in many ways :
– Strengthen the immune system
– Moisturize and promote healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin
– Cleanse the lungs and kidneys
Edible birds’ nests are produced by a species of Swallow native in South East Asia.
– The male bird makes its nest by regurgitating long strands of sticky saliva onto cave/breeding house walls.
– These strands harden into a woven cup (weighing approx. 5g) and hang from the wall, providing a cradle for the young birds.
– Once abandoned, the nests are collected, cleaned by hand and packaged for distribution.
Manna Birds’ Nests are entirely edible and have been granted a permit from the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service to import 100% natural birds’ nests.
– The Birds’ Nests are sourced from the tropics of Indonesia (Palembang) and exported to Australia.

Manna Bird’s Nest Products:
1. Manna Dry Bird’s Nest
2. Manna Bottle Bird’s Nest Drink