manna generation water

About Manna Generation Water

Manna Generation Water is 4,0 water plant that create save & clean drinking water from the air. The water we create from air is ready to drink water with PH Level 8-9.

The intention of this project is:

  1. To give save & clean drinking water supply
  2. To introduce the latest air to water technology as the latest 4,0 technology to create water from air with high quality level water.
  3. To develop economic from water business
  4. To introduce online banking system
  5. To Introduce Cashless payment for the water business
  6. To get real report regarding the CSR & how it effect economic development
  7. To teach phow to be entrepreneur from water business to develop economic growth


43rd G7 Summit (Sicily,2017)

Morotai & NTT Ramadan Program

UN WFP Humanitarian City (Dubai,2016)

NATO Humanitarian Mission (Libya,2016)

Children’s Designathon (Dubai,2017)

British Army AEWE Trials, (UK,2017)