Our Manna Tea Product
(New Packaging in corporation with wonderful Indonesia)

We proudly present our selection of organic, hand-picked, loose leaf tea from Camellia sinensis var. This offer premium flavor and health benefits with the balance of quality, quantity, and consistency to the customer.

Organic Green Tea

Style Organic Green Tea
Note A smooth and creamy brew with subtle floral note whispering in the background.

Organic White Tea

Style Twisted Leaves
Note This gentle white tea has a sweet honey aroma. The mild floral flavors are smooth.
*Quantity is limited

Organic Light Oolong

Style Rolled Leaves
Note Light golden hue with a fruity and floral fragrance. As the tea develops, the initial earthy flavor transforms into a lingering finish of herbs and flowers.

Organic Medium Oolong

Style Rolled Leaves
Note The brew of this tea yields a full sweet taste with floral fragrance with the hint of honey. Long lingering finish.

Organic Black Tea

Style Twisted Leaves
Note This medium body black tea displays a sweet and malt flavor that jolts the taste buds, with a caramel undertone and a floral finish.

Organic Black Tea

Style Rolled Leaves
Note This medium body black tea showcases a wonderful balance of subtlety and complexity.
Sweet and smooth with nuances of floral and caramel in the palate. Showcasing no astringency nor bitterness.

Manna Tea
“Nature’s Answer For Your Health & Beauty”

  • Working closely with tea farmers to produce organic Indonesian tea.
  • Manna tea specialises in:
    – Organic tea plantation (Certified by ECOcert-SA)
    – Tea production (tea blending and manufacturing packaged products)
    – Tea trading
  • Located in the region of Lebak, Banten (West Java Island, Indonesia), our certified organic tea plantation is nestled in the mountainous area of Mount Halimun Salak National Park.
    – The elevation and cool climate, coupled with annual rainfall of 4000-6000mm and mineral rich soil, make this location perfect for our tea plantation.

Our Factory & Farm






Organic Indonesia

Certificate of appreciation

from the Indonesian General Consulate in Los Angeles, USA. We became an exhibitor for the ITPC-USA event.

Our tea was served at 19th ASEAN Summit at Nusa Dua, Bali.

Awards & Achievements

Our Costumer

  • USA – STARBUCKS/TEAVANA (See left picture)
  • JAPAN – ITOEN (See right picture)
  • Germany
  • Netherland